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Body Therapy and Fitness
in San Francisco  

About Aedra


I founded my practice in 2013 providing in-home yoga and movement coaching 1:1 for people looking to age gracefully and recover from injuries.


I've worked with a broad range of individuals: from competitive athletes, to C-level Executives, to patients with long term disabilities. I've taught over 8000 hours of Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates, and co-ran a well known Yoga Teacher Program in Palo Alto. Whilst I work with a broad base of clientele, they all value the same thing: highly personalized care.

I’m a licensed Occupational Therapist qualified to provide medical rehabilitation to people suffering from a wide range of conditions. I combine evidence-based techniques to create tailored sessions for you. I’m not your typical physiotherapist, personal trainer, or bodyworker, rather I collaborate with you to rethink how you move in all aspects of your life.

Note: my legal name is Alexandra Ho and my license can be found under this name.


"I am so thankful to have found someone who genuinely cares about my well-being and my own understanding of my body so that I can successfully incorporate skills learned in therapy in my everyday life. Aedra is not only super knowledgeable about the pelvic floor and the entire body, but she’s also a wonderful educator who has empowered me to cultivate the body-awareness I need so I can do the exercises, stretches, breathing techniques, etc. confidently on my own at home. She is kind, warm, and totally made me feel comfortable and at ease during what I thought would be an uncomfortable experience. I highly recommend Aedra to anyone."

R. S.

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