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Body Longevity Coaching

Lifespan Image by Conscious Design

It's never too early to start training for the future.

At 80 do you want to be able to: 

  • Play with and pick up your great grandchildren?

  • Sit through a 3 hour movie without needing to pee?

  • Enjoy a picnic without chairs? 

  • Play your favorite sport? 

  • Put your suitcase in an overhead bin?


If so, It's time to start taking care of yourself now for a better and healthier tomorrow. 

Get seen this week

Skip the long waiting list and start making a change now. In your home or virtually.

60-90m sessions

An experienced movement coach and occupational therapist will guide you to a healthier future.

Create change

Invest in yourself and develop life-long habits that will inform your health in your later years .

Book a free phone consultation 

Please fill out the form below to schedule a 15 minute phone call. We'll discuss your symptoms and see if we're a good fit to work together.


Do you take insurance?

No. However, I provide you superbills which you can use to ask your insurance company for partial reimbursement. I don’t take insurance so I can focus on improving your health, not maximizing reimbursement from insurance companies.

What happens during a session?

I personalize every session to each individual. Body coaching is the key to unlocking a lifetime of improved health and wellbeing. It isn't about beating yourself up with never ending intense workouts, but instead using evidence-based strategies to restructure your life and rethink how you move for better health. This way, even in your 90s, you can still do what matters to you.

Why should I pick you over another coach/therapist?

I've been helping people care for their bodies through movement and lifestyle modifications for over 10 years. l take a unique approach to improving your quality of life. I combine evidence-based techniques to create tailored sessions for you. I work with you to rethink how you move in all aspects of your life to create lasting change.

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