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I am an occupational therapist and long-time movement teacher who takes a unique approach to improving your quality of life. I use evidence-based techniques to create tailored sessions for you. Whilst I work with a broad base of clientele, they all value the same thing: highly personalized care.

yoga crow pose

Aedra (Alexandra) Ho


  • M.S. Occupational Therapy

  • B.A. Psychology

  • Yoga Alliance Certification taught by Stanford Professor Kelly McGonigal with guest teachers including Jill Miller, Judith Lasater, Mark Singleton, James Fox, Rebecca Kovacs.

  • Anatomy Trains & Zoga Training lead by world renowned Tom Meyers and Wojtek Cackowski

  • Mat Pilates Movement Principles with top instructor Tom McCook

  • College Level Pilates Teacher Training Course led by master teacher Sarah Artha-Negara

  • Gold standard Pelvic Floor Rehab Training from Herman and Wallace

  • Highly regarded Postpartum Pelvic Floor Therapy Training with Lynn Schulte at The Birth Healing Institute

  • Treatment of the Gastrointestinal System with Ramona Horton

  • Shoulder Treatment Certification with Anna Hartman

  • CranioSacral Therapy 1 Upledger

  • Certified prenatal yoga instructor


  • Co-ran a renowned Yoga Teacher Training Program

  • Mentored by industry leading neuro therapist Michelle Tipton-Burton O.T. 

  • Mentored by health, wellness, and body expert Shawn Bek D.C.

  • Former Wellness Coordinator at a large tech company

  • Over 10 years of teaching movement

  • Inspired by Katy Bowman, Lauren Ohayon, Andrew Huberman, Andy Galpin, Peter Attia, Jill Miller.

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