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Older Adults

I help people 

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Get seen this week

Skip the long waiting list and start making a change now. Virtual sessions also available.

60-90m sessions

A licensed occupational  therapist will give you the attention you deserve.

Create change

Regain confidence and develop life-long habits that permanently rectify your challenges.


Do you take insurance?

No. I charge an hourly rate that varies depending on your location. I don’t take insurance so I can focus on improving your health, not maximizing reimbursement from insurance companies. I do provide you superbills which you can use to ask your insurance company for partial reimbursement.

What happens during a session?

I personalize every session to each patient. I will provide environmental and life style modifications as appropriate. We’ll also address posture, stress reduction, and developing healthy habits.

Why should I pick you over another Therapist?

We'll work together to form healthy habits, make lifestyle changes, and use restorative exercises to create lasting transformation. I understand that the body and life are ever-changing, so simply "fixing" you on a massage table won't make a difference if we don't address how you move through life. Working with me means we'll be tackling your challenges from all angles.

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